Mantoloking, NJ Boat Removal & Boat Disposal

Mantoloking NJ, Junk Boat Removal
Mantoloking NJ, Junk Boat Removal

If you’ve been hanging onto your boat hoping to get around to fix it, only to realize it’s beyond repair or are simply tired of hearing your wife remind you to get rid of it to make room for the new deck she wants, A-LOT-CLEANER, INC. can help!
When a boat sits on land over the years, or sometimes months, rust will set in and likely worsen. When you decide to try and repair the boat, it can cost a lot of money to get it going again. People often run out of time, energy, and money to repair the old rust bucket and don’t know what to do next. A-LOT-CLEANER, INC boat removal service will offer you a free quote to remove the eyesore from your property. We also offer the promise that we will dispose of your old boat in the safest, quickest, and cheapest way. If you have come to terms and know it’s time to say good-bye to your seafaring friend, but don’t have the time, manpower, or equipment to do so, giving us a call could save you a lot of stress!

Mantoloking Boat Removal

We have been in business in the Mantoloking, New Jersey area for over 25 years and enjoy working with the great people in the area. We pride ourselves on being a fully licensed A901 New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Solid Waste Transporter AND a fully licensed/ insured New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor. Basically, we know the laws and we know how to dispose of your junker once and for all in the safest, most environmentally friendly way and have been doing so for years. Just ask around and we are certain you will hear that A-LOT-CLEANER, INC gets the job done!

Call us NOW for a free boat disposal quote at 732-244-8980 and we promise you, we will deliver.